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About Us

Nails For You Thornhill

The company was started in 1996 in Ontario, Canada. We are delighted to have the quickest development in the business, constantly improving strategies and capabilities in employee training. Along with the assurance that the materials used are safe and of high quality, and that they are always tested before use in order to deliver the best experience and service to clients.

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Our services

Allow us to look after your delicate hands and tiny legs.


Hands and Feet

Take better care of your hands and feet's nails by keeping them clean and healthy.



Simple, yet contemporary. Girls' favorite color is always gel.


Add-on nail Services

You have a great clothing; Nails For You Thornhill will enhance it with a manicure set customised to your individuality.


Artificial Nails

You want to experiment with different nail shapes, but your nails aren't long enough to do so. Fake nails will assist you in accomplishing this.


Dipping Powder

The dipping powder The nail method entails dipping the nail into colored powder (or brushing the dip powder over the nail) and then sealing it with a clear lacquer.



No more agonizing waxing sessions; Nails for you Thornhill can help you remove hair more softly.


Clients Say

Nails For You Thornhill is pleased to be chosen and trusted by customers.